Medical Facilities

Each River City is equipped with a medical clinic for emergencies. River Cities will strive to recruit a semi-retired physician as a full-time resident. In the event a resident physician resides onboard, this clinic will be his/her office of practice.

Dental, eye care, and other needs are under consideration. With all such service professions, River Cities will attempt to recruit a full time resident to practice onboard.

If medical services are not satisfied onboard the vessel, River Cities will attempt to provide referrals in the many nearby population centers along the way.

Emergency Services

A helipad on the roof of your River City will be available 24 hours per day. Our vessel will be equipped with GPS to coordinate our location to any Medevac helicopter. Generally, River Cities will always be within 200 miles of Medevac service.

For non-Medevac situations in which residents cannot wait for the next port of call, a fast deck boat will carry residents to the nearest landing where they can safely transfer to a vehicle for further travel arrangements.

Security Aboard River Cities

Security personnel onboard River Cities will be on duty 24/7 while our vessel is in port and will be assisted by surveillance video cameras that cover our public areas and record any activity.

The embarkation point at the bow of the vessel will be a security checkpoint where residents and visitors will check-in using a RFID card. This card will act as identification as well as provide a constant update to the onboard manifest. RFID technology will permit security personnel to know who is aboard the vessel at all times.

While aboard River Cities, maritime rules apply and the Captain of the vessel is in charge of security and rules and regulations. All crew members are part of this security force and will work under the Captain's supervision.

For serious matters local law enforcement will be utilized.

Natural Disasters

Hurricane season along the Gulf Coast is June 1 through November 30. River Cities will not operate along coastal waters during these months. Hurricanes will not threaten River Cities since we will be too far inland to be affected by ocean waters.

Flooding on the inland rivers will occasionally affect River Cities' progress to destinations throughout the summer. The biggest problems with flooding are the floating debris and excessive current of the water. These conditions can make piloting difficult for our Captain and sometimes it is best to stay in port until the flooding recedes and the excessive floating debris is reduced.

Each River City will be equipped with four 50 ft. long spuds. These spuds are heavy wall steel pipes that are dropped from vertical carrier tubes and act like the posts which hold a dock upright and in place. In most situations, the spuds will permit the vessel to be more stationary in the water than if using an anchor.

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