Boat Safety

River Cities meet or exceed U.S. Coast Guard Passenger Standards

USCG standards are extremely stringent and focused on safety. Our vessel will meet or exceed all USCG standards and shall comply with all USCG operational rules. This is not only the law, but also our pledge of safe boating to you. Our vessel falls under the Subchapter H category of passenger vessels that requires our vessel be 95 percent nonflammable and have fire-sprinkler protection.

Each River City will have four separate hulls in addition to the ship-to-shore shuttles. Each hull is also divided into watertight compartments for further safety. Because River Cities has four separate hulls, lifeboats are not necessary. If one hull is damaged, passengers would simply walk to another section of the vessel for safety.

Our Crew

In the world of maritime crew members, River Cities would be described as "great duty." For this reason, we will attract exceptional personnel and our crew will be of the highest standard.

River Cities Inc.
100 Harriet Island Rd.
St. Paul, MN 55107


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