The 1,310

[Floor Plan for 1310sq. ft. Condo]

The 1,310 is found in the center of the vessel. They are located on the corners of the barges. This condominium features windows on two sides and is comfortable in all respects. Both bedrooms are large and the master has an attached bath with walk-in closets. The 1,310 can be customized with cabinetry and minor wall changes to meet your requirements. Truly the right choice for comfortable living!

Condominium stats

Size 1,310 ft²
Living Room 1,135 ft²
Deck Space 175 ft²
Baths 2
Bedrooms 2
Annual Cruising Expenses $34,715
Purchase Price from $788,513
River Cities Inc.
100 Harriet Island Rd.
St. Paul, MN 55107