The following items may be of interest to you. They cover technical matters dealing with the operation of the vessel. Non-technically minded persons may prefer to skip this section.

Electricity and Heating/ Cooling

Electricity and heating/cooling will be metered for each individual condominium. Residents will pay their bill just like a land based condominium. Water and sewage will not be metered.

Electrical generation will be provided by diesel generators contained in the engine room. Additional emergency generators will be located on the roof of each barge.

Heat pumps will provide efficient air conditioning for summers and heating for the mild temperatures we will encounter during the winters along the Gulf coast. These pumps extract the desired energy (hot or cold) from the water surrounding our vessel. This system has been widely used in marine applications for many years. Each condominium will have an independent air handling system which is electrically powered.


Drinking Water

Water will be of two types:

  1. Specially imported water from land sources for drinking, kitchen and bathing use. While in port our vessel will take on city water.
  2. Water obtained from onboard purification systems for use in toilets.

Preheated hot water will be provided throughout the vessel with a continuous loop of preheated water. The energy for pre-heating will come from heat exchangers at the onboard generator and propulsion motors. Individual condominiums will take this preheated water and heat it to the desired temperature with tank-less electric hot water heaters. This system will not only provide unlimited hot water to individual residences, but will also result in considerable energy savings over conventional hot water supply systems.

Waste Water

Waste water will be treated onboard and will meet or exceed USCG discharge standards. River Cities goal is clean water in, clean water out.

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