River Cities Lifestyle

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River Cities' itinerary includes 1,100 miles of Intracoastal Waterways. South Padre Island along the Texas coast will be a favorite destination.

River Cities recognizes that for most people, the good life requires a nice mix of familiar friendly faces and opportunities to experience new things. We also recognize that there is "no place like home."

River Cities has considered these aspects in all levels of its design. We will provide privacy for residents, but also the common spaces that promote a warm sense of community. What greater fun can one have than to share good times with both old and newfound friends as they explore the waterways?

With lots of wonderful people and an ever-changing scenery you can keep as busy as you like. You will find that most River Cities landings are fun, attractive places where even a simple walk is an evening's entertainment.

River Cities will attempt to be ADA compliant whenever possible concerning handicapped accessibilty issues. Elevators will make nearly all parts of the vessel accessible to those with mobility limitations.

Today's marvelous technology will provide River Cities residents all the comforts of home as they cruise the country. Our satellite hookup will supply digital TV, high speed Internet, email and VoIP telephone that operate just like land based services. Although the mail service will be slightly delayed, River Cities residents can expect the same amenities they currently enjoy on land.

We believe all the ingredients are in place for a richly fulfilling life style. Come join us on our great adventure!

River Time

Living on the water, your outlook on life will change. Weather, wildlife and the river itself are all alive and in constant motion. Your inner currents will match the slow pace of the river, and you'll understand what people mean when they say, “You're on river time now.”

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