Live aboard part time

In addition to full-time ownership, River Cities will offer three alternatives for part-time ownership:

  1. a six-month schedule, which alternates summer and winter.
  2. a four-month schedule where you will be 4 months on the boat, 4 months off the boat, 4 months on the boat etc.  This schedule provides cruising one half of the time.
  3. a two-month schedule (2-12)

Advantages of each schedule

Alternating every six months

This schedule is ideal for snowbirds who want to escape the cold winters of the north. If you lived aboard the Marquette during the winter months, from November to April, you will enjoy the warmer temperatures of the Gulf. Your River Cities condo becomes your winter getaway as you cruise the southern rivers and Intracoastal Waterways from the Florida Panhandle to the tip of Texas.

It's also a great schedule for people who have permanent homes in warm climates — buy a half-ownership in a Marquette condo and escape hot and humid summers. Aboard the Marquette, you will enjoy the temperate northern climes as the boat cruises the northern rivers each summer.

Alternating every four months

This option is designed for people who want to see the waterways in a relaxed pace or for those who would like to cruise in their RV during the interlude.

Because the Marquette seasonally visits each geographic area, this schedule shares all the seasons and cruise routes equally with the other half owner.  After two years, our residents will have seen the entire waterway system.  And during their time ashore, they will have had ample time to explore the country in an RV or to spend time at home visiting friends and relatives, while looking forward to their next trip aboard the Marquette.

Two-Month Option

Our 2-12 option is a great way to enjoy a 2 month cruise each year for a very reasonable cost. With the 2-12 option, the condominium comes completely furnished and the condo location varies each 2 month period. A storage locker will be available below decks for the duration of your 2 month cruise only. We are limiting 2-12 condominiums to only 20% of the boat. So reserve early if you want the best selection for cruising start dates. Unfortunately pets will not be permitted with the 2-12 option.

RV/RC condo ownership

Cruising aboard the Marquette is a great way to see the country in and around the Mississippi watershed. To expand your adventure, we suggest the half-ownership option aboard the Marquette that alternates every four months. This four-month schedule is the perfect way to see the entire country by land or water. River Cities offers you the flexibility to either own your RV or share RV ownership with another River Cities resident.

The beauty of combining the River Cities lifestyle with RV travel is the opportunity to see all of North America in two very different ways. The Marquette will cruise the Western River System, which borders 21 states -- and your RV allows you to see all the other wonderful sights around the nation.

Imagine your first four months cruising the Gulf Coast aboard the Marquette. You have just had a wonderful, warm winter cruising the Intracoastal Waterways from the tip of Texas all the way to Carrabelle, Florida. Not only are you and your friends enjoying all the sights the Gulf has to offer, but the whole group is having a great time planning their various four-month RV trips.

Some people are planning to travel with friends aboard. Others are planning a solo trip — they've enjoyed their time with River Cities friends and neighbors but are looking forward to independent time.

Best of all, everyone has great stories to tell about where they've been in their RVs, and they have lots of tips to share with each other.

It's April 26 as the boat pulls up to the dock in Chattanooga and several RVs come into view. People are about to switch places with other Marquette owners. They'll spend a couple of exciting days in port, trading places.

People always have the same condo and RV, but the same residents of a condo do not have to share the same RV. This system allows for lots of choices in RV and condo selection. It all works out in the end, as everyone changes places and looks forward to the next four months.

The Marquette will cruise through 21 states in the middle of the nation. This leaves Canada, Mexico and 28 states to explore in the RV. What an adventure!

River Cities offers you the option to own both a condo and an RV. If you prefer to privately own your RV this is acceptable. However, if you already own an RV and would like to find an ownership partner for your RV, ask a River Cities representative to help you explore the options. Our goal is to create the lifestyle that's ideal for you!

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