A Typical Day Aboard River Cities

This morning, you awaken along a wooded riverbank. Through your open window, you can hear the trill of songbirds breaking the stillness. It's like camping, but with all the comforts of home. You've spent another tranquil night on the river.

Our vessel is located 12 miles north of Memphis on the Mississippi and it's October 18, a perfect time to be in western Tennessee. The captain starts the engines around 8 a.m. and heads into Memphis to make port by 11 a.m.

It's a gorgeous fall morning and some of the residents are enjoying breakfast from their private balconies, while others are at the restaurant on the bow. Whatever, wherever, it's a wonderful way to spend the morning.

Memphis is a large river town, and there's a lot of commercial traffic. You wave to passing towboat pilots — people are very friendly on the river. Every river town has a distinctive personality, and this makes for an interesting ride.

The captain moors at Mud Island River Park in the heart of Memphis. There is a lot to see in this town, and your River Cities community has decided to stay three days and take in the sights.

A group of golfers assembles in the atrium, ready to take the River Cities bus to the golf course. Other residents will board the monorail for the short ride to downtown, rent bicycles, follow the River Walk or visit the Mississippi River Museum, all right in the park. Still others will go on an excursion to Graceland.

[golfer silhouette]

There's a great view for those who want to hang out onboard. Some of the private balconies overlook the river, on which paddlewheelers come and go all day, and others face the park's Pyramid Arena. The scene is always changing, and it's fun to take it all in.

The Johnsons have been residents now for a year. They're proud grandparents and have made plans for their son and his wife and children to stay with them while they're in Memphis. They've rented the guest studio onboard for their son and his family, and all their neighbors are eager to meet them. Like everyone who visits, the Johnson grandchildren think their grandparents lead a pretty neat and exciting life.

It's afternoon now, and the golfers have returned. For the 19th hole, they've decided to hop in the hot tub on the roof of their River Cities boat.

One of the golfers has met up with a friend from Memphis, and they've enjoyed a day of golf together with their wives. After their dip into the Jacuzzi, they give their friends a tour of the boat and serve dinner on their balcony. Then they'll all walk over to the Pyramid and take in a concert.

The beauty of this mode of travel is that you are always home. You can be a tourist when you like or retreat into the privacy of your home when you need solitude. You make the schedule that works best for you. The route provides a nice mix of scenery, cities and small towns, and best of all, you have a wonderful community of neighbors with whom to share all the excitement of the journey. The River Cities staff takes care of all the boating issues and leaves you to fill your day with fun and leisure.

So tell your friends and come join us for the adventure of a lifetime!

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