The world awaits the River Cites owner

People interested in River Cities have one of two reactions:

  1. River Cities is a great concept and I want to live aboard and enjoy the travel lifestyle.
  2. River Cities is a great concept, but after a year of travel I'd want to move on to something else.

If you are in category 2 and love to travel, you aren't alone. There are a whole lot of people out there just like you. If you want to explore America and keep your options open to new adventures, River Cities suggests two possibilities: home exchanges and part-time cruising.

Home exchanges

Owners of wonderful homes throughout the world will be interested in trading their homes for a cruise through America aboard your River Cities home. Home and are two of the largest web companies that assist homeowners world-wide in trading each other's homes for varying amounts of time. In these competitive listings, the most desirable homes go first. We believe a River Cities home will be right at the top of the list! Regardless of your cruising appetite, River Cities will afford you many excellent travel opportunities. You'll have an owner's advantage!

Part-time cruising

For those who prefer part-time travel, we suggest this economical alternative: buy a River Cities home with friends.

Imagine, for instance, three families owning three different homes among them — a condominium in Florida, another in Arizona, and a River Cities home. They could house-swap and enjoy the following advantages:

  1. All parties divide their cruising schedule into time frames that work best for them.
  2. All parties experience the variety and enjoyment of living in Florida and Arizona, as well as on River Cities.
  3. All parties share a single sales commission expense, should they decide to sell.


River Cities will consider building a vessel specifically for short-term timeshares. If you are interested in this type of vacation opportunity please express your preference to a River Cities sales person. With sufficient demand a vessel will be considered. Please note: an alternative to owning a timeshare will be leasing a condominium from a River Cities resident.

The possibilities are endless. Let River Cities create the lifestyle of your dreams.

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