Economic Advantages

River Cities offers economic advantages for people who like to travel and for those who own homes in both the north and the south.

  • A significant economic gain for owners of River Cities homes is that boats do not pay property taxes.
  • River Cities is economical for long-term travel because owners need not pay to maintain another home while away. A River Cities home goes where you go. Your home and vacation residence will be one and the same. It's like free year-round vacation lodging.
  • No need to budget for vacation expense. Life is now a full time vacation!
  • Compare the cost of owning a River Cities home to the cost of owning a home in the north and the south. For most people, owning a River Cities home is more economical.

Comparison To Commercial Mississippi Cruises

Only one company currently cruises the inland waterways: The RiverBarge Excursion Lines operates one boat that travels the Intracoastal Waterways and the inland rivers as far north as St. Louis. Another company that was in business until November 2008 was the Majestic Line which operated 2 paddlewheel boats on the Intracoastal Waterways and the inland rivers.

While there are many differences† between these companies and River Cities' operation, a comparison of the cost per cruising day is instructive of the economic advantage a River Cities condominium has over a vacation cruise (2008 prices):

Days Cost Cabin
American Queen 37 $37,000 120 ft²
River Barge 37 $24,492 220 ft²
River Cities 37 $2,009 748 ft²
River Cities 365 $19,822 748 ft²

The prices quoted in the table refer to the quoted 2008 cruise prices on the American Queen from St. Paul, MN to Galveston, TX and a similar length cruise on River Barge from Kansas City to Port Isabel, TX via Cincinnati.

If River Cities were your home, a 37-day cruise would cost $2,009, or you could cruise all year for $19,822. A full year of cruising on the Marquette would allow you to explore and experience most of the inland rivers and Intracoastal Waterways.

328 more cruising days for 19% less!

The main difference between the mentioned companies and River Cities is that River Cities neither organizes entertainment nor provides inclusive food service. River Cities is designed to be both permanent home and vacation experience in one, while the mentioned cruise companies provide a vacation experience only. The comparison is made simply to illustrate the potential savings for a river lifestyle onboard River Cities.

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