Advantages Over Land-based Life

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River Cities is unique because you live at home while cruising across the USA. The following comparison examines the cost of condo ownership on land to the cost and economic advantages of a River Cities condo.

  • A River Cities condo is like owning two homes: a summer home in the north and a winter home in the south. You'll save substantially by owning only one home, a River Cities condo. And best of all, your home is always in a temperate climate.
  • River Cities residents save the cost of property taxes, since a boat has no property taxes.
  • After a pleasant winter on the Gulf, your River Cities home will leave the area. While land based home owners need to contend with hurricanes and vandalism.
  • Just as in your current home, electricity will be metered and you will be responsible for your utilities (heat, air conditioning, electricity, telephone and Internet connection).
  • A River Cities condominium includes a kitchen, so restaurant expenses are at your discretion.
  • You may not need a car. Your River City will provide for your basic transportation needs with its buses and rental cars..
  • Your annual vacation expense can be subtracted from your budget — Life is now a full-time vacation!
  • Your share of cruising expenses will be approximately $1,166 -$ 2,040 per month for standard-size condos. See annual expenses column for details.

Comparison of Expenses

The following table compares the expenses of a 748 sq ft River Cities condominium to those of a land-based life with a second winter home. For most people in this situation, it costs less to own a River Cities home!

Land-based Condo River Cities Condo
Total $27,000 $19,822
Winter Home $15,000 $0
Property Taxes $3,000 $0
Vacation $2,000 $0
Maintenance $3,000 $0
Cruising Cost $0 $19,822
Automobile $4,000 $0

The above comparison assumes land-based and River Cities condos are of equal value and have similar mortgage and utility payments. These are real expenses that are considered constants. They have deliberately been left out for ease of comparison.

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